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Federal Sector Projects

Project: USDA Riverside Modifications

Location: 450 Big Box Spring Rd, Riverside, Ca

Scope: Remove five existing roof mounted units & four ceiling fan coils. Install four Indoor & Outdoor units (1) 1-1/2 Ton & (3) 1 Ton , remove and replace T- Stats  and hook up condensate and electrical.

Project: DHS-TSA Restorations

Location: 3225 N. Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA

Scope: Replace damaged/stained carpeting and repair and repaint damaged/stained walls in offices and hallways at all TSA leased space at the San Diego County Regional Airport. Estimated square footage of affected area is: 7,964 usf

Project​: Otay Mesa CBP (K9 Facility) Electronic Controlled Entry

Location: 6651 Gateway Park Dr, San Diego, CA

Scope​:  Remove existing Mag lock door systems within facility and replace with updated electronic security systems. Security systems required new conduit to be ran to meet the needs of motion detectors, locks and access control systems.  

Project: Calexico East LPOE Main Entrance Booth Relocation

Location: 1699 Carr Rd, Calexico, Ca

Scope: Relocate existing inspection booth and all utilities to include a new concrete pad, new canopy, new booth and canopy light fixtures. Install new and relocate existing k-rails and install new speed bumps and bollards.

Project: Otay Mesa LPOE Commercial Trucking Import Facility and CBP Vehicle Laund Pad

Location: 2500 Paseo International, San Diego, CA

Scope: Saw cut and remove approximately 225 sqft of existing concrete for installation of 15 bollards and pour new pad for CPB vehicles.

Project: Otay Mesa Restroom Restoration

Location: 2500 Paseo International, San Diego, CA

Scope​: Provide materials, labor and equipment to remove existing public restroom partitions and replace with new floor mounted stainless-steel partitions. Remove and replace dispensers with similar vandal resistant stainless-steel materials. 

Project: El Cajon CPB Electronic Security System

Location: ?

Scope: Provide Electronic Security System services to support El Cajon Border Patrol Station.

Project: San Diego Sector Firing Range

Location: 2301 McCain Rd, San Diego, CA

Scope: Remove and replace facility’s fire alarm system and access control system (ACS) with compliant system. Additionally update operating system to ensure capability of communication with main server including ACS software. Inspect and replace electrical control board and wiring.




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